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Object: The First Player to fill or exceed their Chip Rack  with (122,000 points), that Player is the "Game Winner", but the remaining Players each has one last turn to roll the Dice to see if they can score over the amount of the "Game Winner"to become the "High Roll Dice™ Winner". The "Game Winner" is not allowed to roll the dice for the remainder of this game.

Start: Each Player will roll the Dice and the Player with the highest number will be the Banker and the first to roll the dice, then the order of play goes clockwise from the banker.

Rolling the Dice: The Player going first will roll all ten dice into the Dice Roll Box. All the Dice must be in the Roll Box and flat on the Roll Box surface to begin scoring. The Player then must have 3 of any like kind to begin scoring on the Payout Card. The Player must choose the 3 of a like kind and place them on the Roll Box scoring pads. In the case of multiple 3 of a like kind, the Player has the option to choose any 3 of a like kind of preference.

The Player may then take the winning chip point total as per the laminated "Payout Card" and place the chips into their chip rack and pass the dice to the next Player in the clockwise rotation OR the Player may take the remaining Dice in the Roll Box and continue to roll the remaining Dice to continue scoring on the same dice number established on the Score Pad.

If the Player does not make their established number on the Score Pad on the next roll, then the Player loses their score for that turn only and must past the Dice to the next player in the rotation.

If the player does make the established number, then the Player has the option take the chip point total as per the "Payout Card" and to repeat the same sequence of events until they acquire all ten established numbers or lose their points for the turn in not acquiring the established number on the Score Pad.


Banker: Keeps track of the player scoring while the Dice are being rolled and then makes the payout accordingly.

Bonus Cards: The Bonus Card is selected when a player does not get any 3 of a like kind on the first roll of every turn.

Last Roll: Each Player remaining other than the "Game Winner" has the opportunity to have one final turn to beat the "Game Winner's" score.

Chip Rack: Each Chip Rack holds 122,000 in chip points.  Players may exchange chips with the Banker during their turn to accommodate the filling of each Chip Rack section evenly. 

Break: This is when a Player rolls the Dice outside the Roll Box or if the Dice are not all sitting flat on the Roll Box floor.  The Player must re-roll the Dice until the correct roll is established.

Game Winner: The first Player who fills their Chip Rack with 122,000 or more chip points.

High Roll Dice™ Winner: That would be the Player with the highest chip point total of 122,000 or more after the last player takes their turn.